Your Success is our Business

Technology is our Asset

We provide tools that enable you to design and develop cutting edge solutions in field of Algo trading , Market analytics, Custom Algorithms and AI modelsĀ 

We empower our clients with Scalable , cloud based solutions in fields of Algo trading , Stock Analysis , Market models and Custom solutions

Market Analytics

We help study thousands of data points to enable 360 degree view of markets and data driven decisions.
We leverage use of AI and ML in understanding predictive returns and investment decisions

Trading Tools

Options Analysis

Our Options tool help you to create and execute European options in an breeze. Options strategy opmimizer, easy builder and view based strategy creator, options trading is now as easy as it can be

Stock Screener

We have build the most advanced stock screener for Indian markets . With blazing fast speed and scalability , Stock selection seems to be child’ s play!